Decision on Aerator is hard!!! HELP!!

Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by Chris S 1188, Mar 13, 2018.

  1. Chris S 1188

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    I have the opportunity to purchase 3 different aerators (all SourceOne plugr’s). The first is the PL845VS and it’s $1,000, but it was an old rental. Looks to be in ok shape but it’s a 22 hour drive round trip to pick it up. The next is a 6 hour RT drive for a PL835SS. It looks like it’s in great shape but it’s not variable speed and it’s the same amount of money $1,000. The drive time is significantly less though. Then there is the barely used PL800 which Is an hour RT away. It is also $1,000. So my question iszzz is, are any of the above aerators worth the drive and cash more so than the others? Oh also there is a LawnAire 5 ($700) and LawnAire 28 ($950) both about 12 hour RT away. Thanks in advance
  2. DA Quality Lawn & YS

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    Look at Stingers dual hydro WB first
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  3. Chris S 1188

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    Is love a stinger but we are talking about choosing between aerators that are $1,000 or less. A stinger is a bit pricey for me. Thanks for the suggestion though
  4. ltdlawn

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    Like new closer and same price seems simple to me.
  5. Chris S 1188

    Chris S 1188 LawnSite Member
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    But I’ll be sacrificing features like g speed settings. So is it smart to sacrifice my time in driving to go get it in order to possibly save time throughout the aeratn
  6. sjessen

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    Get the best machine for your purposes. The travel is a one time occurrence. Otherwise, you will always wished..........
  7. 71GTX

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    I run the PL800H great hole puncher, although with no hydro expect bulldogging on hills.With only 8 tines replacement is simple, however dual belt replacement requires removal of the crankshaft.
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