Decision on which Grandstand mower


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Blackstone, Va.
I am in the market for a Grandstand mower. I have finally found 2 different ones. I would like to get your opinion on which one to purchase. I need to get this ASAP as I have started mowing.

NEW FROM DEALER 2010 40" Grandstand. 2 hours. $6800
I can get toro financing with this 0%for 24 months.

2011 36" Grandstand Mower. 94.5 hours. Mulching Kit. $5000
I have cash to be able to purchase this.

Thank you all for your opinion!


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I don't have any experience with the Grandstand but from other users I have hear that the 40" deck tends to clump/clog often since it is such a small deck and yet still has 3 blades.

But judging by the info you gave, the 36" looks like the better choice for you, I mainly say this because you can actually pay cash for the machine and don't have to finance.


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Neither. I would do at least a 48" much better on hills and banks. I was told that the 36 and 40 are not stable on slopes to narrow. I have had mine 48 for 3 years love it. Buying a 52 next.


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Okay. I'm told the 40" is better than the 36" on hills. Not sure it matters if you have the 48". Good luck.


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Kouts, IN
I never looked at that small of models as I have a 52 and a 60. My 52 is a 2010 with the bearing housings mounted under the deck. My 60 is a 2011 whith the bearing housings mounted above the deck. The 52 usually is more of a pain to scrape than the 60 so look for the one with the bearing housings mounted above the deck and should be easier to scrape


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This may not be helpful to your situation, but we run a 40" grandstand and it is an absolute POS. Brand new machine ( <500 hrs). It is slow, unstable, controls are awkward, way to heavy for small areas and huge tires WILL tear up turf. I can't comment on any other Grandstand, but the 40 is one of the worst mowers I have ever used. My experience, 20+ years. Save your money.


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Middle East TN
Would have to agree with the lower half Clay. 48" at least due to hills, etc. We have one and it's great. If the 2 you mentioned are the only options, go with the larger deck. I have owned 44" toros for decades (literally, our oldest one that's about to retire is 20 years old) and they have no problem clumping.