Decision time for a new mower...

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by lawnprosteveo, Dec 27, 2004.

  1. lawnprosteveo

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    Okay, I know this topic has been talked about many times before. But I could use some sound advice. I want a new mower.... Here is a rundown of my business:

    1. I mow 55 yards/wk. All but 5 are residential. None are bigger than about 5K sq ft. Most have landscaping to maneuver around.

    2. I am a perfectionist, I have been side discharging with a 48" scag wb and dont like the way it looks. Also, it is a gear drive so I have to really be careful of a tight turn so I wont tear up the grass.

    3. In the fall I do leaf cleanups from October through mid-January or so...I have been mulching the leaves to dust with a 36" toro wb with mulching kit...I havent been happy with the way it looks...especially in fescue yards.(perfectionist).

    4. Seriously looking at the Walker Model T 42" deck with the GHS but I cringe at the idea of bagging that much grass during Oklahoma's humid heavy growing season. I drive a Ford F250 long bed and dont want to build a debris box or buy a loader.....

    Any of you with a similar situation? Advice is welcome!
  2. TClawn

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    what about an exmark turf tracer hp 48" or 52"? exmark has a very good cut and is a twin hydro so that in it self would make your life much easier.

    or you could look a grass hopper front mount. you can side dishcharge, bag, and mulch. it can be converted very easily. besides that the deck flips up for transport so that it is only 6.5ft long.
  3. NickN

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    How about a nice cutting hydro mower(you said you were dissatisfied with the Scag) and an Accelerator bagger for the leaves?You can remove the Accelerator when you're just cutting grass.
    I'm going to purchase an Accelerator after new years,so that's what made me think of it.Just another idea thrown into the mix.
  4. captaingreen

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    I have alot of simlar properties and just bought a 48" Exmark TTHP for these lawns. I also added an EZ Chute to help with keeping grass out of the beds. You can easily add a bagger as the above post mentioned. The machine leaves a quality cut also. My only complaint has been the light front end, but that is a plus with alot of people, you can always add weights if you don't like it. :)
  5. Richard Martin

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    If I had a good place to dispose of clippings I might very well have a Walker with the GHS. It is a 20 mile trip in medium to heavy traffic to get rid of them so the Walker is out of the question for me. If you have a handy place to get rid of the clippings then I think the Walker may very sell suit your needs. You have small lawns with landscaping and that is what the Walker is made for.

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