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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Evergreen Landscaping, Jan 7, 2008.

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    I am in the market for a super z for the spring of 08 and need to no what engine is best for it. I have resently narrowed my search from a scag tiger to this machine. Its between the 30 hp Kolher or the 28 hp EFI Kolher? I have been reading that their are some problems with the machine bogging down in taller grass and i would like to avoid that problem as much as possible. Also i am planning on buying a Bac-Vac, Flex forks, and striper kit. I have a wright stander now that is a 23/52 and i think im going to go up to a 60" deck because i still have a 44" for any back yards. Any help would be greatly appreciated and if any of my acc. that i would like to add dont work as well as they should or have had or created problems please let me know! Thanks
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    I've owned 2 Super Z's, the first was a 52" 27hp Kohler. The second a 60" 28hp EFI Kohler. The 27 Kohler would bog slightly going up hills and when cutting heavy growth. The 28 EFI, even though it was powering a bigger deck, never has any problems with hills or heavy growth. PLUS, the gas mileage is much much better. The throttle response is instantanious and it will start instantly on the coldest mornings at any throttle possition. I'll never buy a carbed engine mower again!
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    Thanks for replying, thats exactly what i needed to know! The only other thing is about the attachments im thinking about putting on but mainly about the bac vac. I was also wondering if it is easy to take off if i need to mulch a lawn too. Thanks again
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    This is what I've heard also !!

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