Decisions, decisions.... What to do with the company?

Mark Oomkes

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Grand Rapids, MI
I thought of this thread a few days ago, and figured I'd give an update to anybody that wanted to listen.

During the spring of this year, my dad listed the company for sale online. Another lawn company replied, and we all (the other owner, my dad, my brother, and myself) met. The other owner was very down to earth and seemed like a stand-up, honest guy. Long story short, he ended up buying all of the accounts. He also took my brother and two other employees over to his company. My brother now makes more money than he did at my dads. My dad is a lot happier and pretty much stress-free. We're about 90% done selling all of his equipment, with only parts, a few push blowers, a debris loader, and a few 2 stroke pieces left.

This ended up being a great move for all of us. We are still trying to figure out what to do with the shop that my dad leases. He cannot get rid of it, as we both have a TON of stuff in it. So until either of us finds a house with a large enough outbuilding, it's going to have to stay. This also gives us both more time to start making money on the "side" doing small engine repairs and automotive exhaust work. He just gave me one of his plow trucks for helping him with everything, and I haven't decided if I'm going to be a sub this winter or not. He has a friend who does snowplowing and has offered a pretty decent hourly rate for me if I wanted to plow for him using my truck.

Cheers to all, I'll still be lurking here occasionally. Thanks for all of your tips, opinions, and input on this. Hopefully this heat wave isn't screwing you all too bad. I know it's hot here and we definitely could use some rain!
Glad you got it worked out.