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Discussion in 'eXmark' started by tarheel, May 3, 2002.

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    Question for all of you experts. I have 1 acre that I currently mow with a 21" Honda self-prepelled mower. I would rather upgrade to a walk-behind but I am concerned it will not handle my front ditch and a couple dips I have in my back yard. I have spoke with a local dealer and he has suggested I go with the 36" EXmark walk-behind. I am very picky about how a mower cuts. One advantage of my 21" mower is that it lays a beautiful strip. Will the 36" walk-behind strip as well as a small mower? I noticed the 36" shoots the clipping out the side whereas my 21" mulches the clippings. Will these clipping form thatch or will it cut them fine enough so that there is minimal thatch? Also will the 36" mulch or does it just side discharge? Any advice would be greatly appreaciated. Hopefully this will be the last mower I purchase for a LONG time.

    Thanks in advance,
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    Welcome to the forum. I just bought a 36" Metro without the mulch kit. I will be getting one of those very soon. The unit will mulch, side discharge or bag (if you get a bagger). I am happy with the stripes but not thrilled. This is my own doing as I am experimenting with the mower. I would love to see a striping kit for it. If I can not find one I will prolly make on in the off season.

    Couple Pro's:

    Starts first pull usually 2nd pull if it is cold out - everytime.
    Easy Controls
    Cuts heavy thick grass with ease
    Tech Support is unreal especially off this site. Terry and Dustin are a very valuable source (even to non-comm users)

    Not too keen of the cut in yards heavily laiden with Mr. Dand E. Lion but I do not have any other machine to compare cut.

    Long and short, I am hopefully buying a ZTR this year. It will take a substantial sales job for me to NOT get another Exmark product.

    Good Luck!!

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    I can't answer your question about the Metro, specifically. However, I purchased an Exmark Turf Tracer HP 52". I installed a mulch kit and a proslide. A proslide is a type of sulky that you stand on except it has no wheels. It glides across the grass leaving an incredible stripe. I have several picky customers who absolutely love the mulching and striping capabilities. Many times when I mow with the mulch kit installed, you can't even see the clippings.

    The grass is cut, recycled several times, and then forced down to the ground. The only problem I have encountered is that the deck will need to be cleaned because of an occasional clog.

    One suggestion, if you do decide to mulch, get as much horsepower as you can. Mulching requires more than discharging.
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    i have the metro 36. is your dealer offering it with a 15hp kohler for $1999? lots of dealers still do from what i hear. i bought mine for that price in feb. 02 and the mulch kit was about $100 more. the micro mulch kit is the best thing i have ever seen. gives a bagged look without bagging. i highly recommend it if you get the metro. also it will be the last mower you will have to buy for a long time. these things are built like tanks.

    the only downside i can see about them is the dandelion cutting, sometimes you have to slow down a bit or go over them twice, but i have yet to see a mulching mower that doesn't work that way. also since it is not a floating deck it will scalp and spots that suddenly rise up (humps, lumps, thick soil going from a sidewalk/driveway to the grass).

    other than that, they are very efficient (kohler is anyway, not sure about the kawasaki) and durable. call a dealer and have one brought for a demo as mentioned above. i think you will like the results. also see if the dealer can bring one with the mulch kit installed so you can see how it works. i recommend cutting it with 2 spacers under the front casters and two over. depending on the type of grass, current height and desired cutting height.

    here is a shot of a zoysia yard i cut for the first time, pardon the non-uniformity of the pattern, got distracted near the sidewalk.


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