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Discussion in 'eXmark' started by istre, Sep 6, 2003.

  1. istre

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    I just sold my tractor and will be replacing it with a ztr. After much research i have settled on an exmark.
    I have 7+ acre of flat wide open property with few obstacles that i will be mowing about 4 times a month.
    I'm having trouble deciding on the 60" or 72" deck. I'm leaning toward the 72" with lc kawi.
    The two most important factors are:
    1. Quality of cut
    2. Mowing time

    Any thought or suggestions will be appreciated.

    This is an excellent site with great information. I have learned alot in a very short time!

    Thanks to all who reply!
  2. TLS

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    Although I have a 27LC Kawi on my 60", I have a friend that has one on a 72" cut and the power reserve just isn't there. When the going gets tough and thick, the 72" w/27hp LC Kawi comes up a bit short.

    My suggestion, and it may even be cheaper is to go with the 28hp EFI Kohler with the 72" deck.

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