Deck and pool demolition question

Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by alldayrj, Sep 18, 2012.

  1. alldayrj

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    Did a search and read some threads, but nothing was too specific to pools or decks. What I'm trying to figure out is how to price/bid removing a 30x15 oval pool (assuming its a steel ring with vinyl liner) which is set in a 65 x 50 deck. the deck is pressure treated wood and most of it is about 2 or 3 feet off the ground. it has a longggg ramp to the second floor deck that is about 400 SF. Total there is about 3000 SF of decking that needs to be torn down and hauled between the first floor and second floor. Need to be removed for new pool and patio.

    Obviously I'm not expecting a specific answer, but maybe a helpful formula or production rate like how many SF fits in a 30 YD container etc.

    I have a skid steer that I've done demos with before but nothing bigger than a 1 car 15x20 garage. that fit in my 20 yd truck in two trips and cost around $250 to dump. I have also fit a 300 SF deck in my truck in one trip and that cost $90 to dump I think? Just trying to find an accurate way to figure this if I dont have an ex to crunch it up in a foundation and load toothpicks. Might demo or rent a machine just to speed it up, dig footings, use the thumb etc. Having trouble expanding my limited experience to this larger job.

    Enough rambling, thoughts?
  2. Impact-Vector

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    I've always thought that if I pulled down my deck I would get a chipper :)

    Not sure how they handle nails though,

    I would break it down. Pool I would do on an hourly basis.

    Deck with a skid could be scary. I'd probably want a thumb on a mini ex but alternatively you can use human labor and pull it apart board by board.
  3. AEL

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    when i price for my asphalt, concrete, dirt etc i assume that due to air space, swell factors etc that i can fit 14 cy in a 18 cy dump truck , box etc. So i take the square footage divide it by 27 to convert to cubic yards then i divide it by 14 to see how many boxes or loads i have. for example- i have 18,000 sf of asphalt to remove at 6 inches depth. 18,000 x 0.5(depth- 6 inches /12)=9000/27=333/14= 23.78 or 24 loads. Hopefully this helps some what.
  4. knox gsl

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    I had a similar deck and pool at my house when I bought it. A 30 yard box should work if you cut it in sections and stack it in neatly. I would think a set of forks or grapple would do great. I burned mine inside the pool but that's not always an option. I did scrap the pool and it's parts.
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  5. alldayrj

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    ok thanks guys, some good points.

    1. definitely scrapping the pool

    2. TSS- so your 14 into 18 rule could be taken as 15 into 20 roughly, so call it 3/4 or 75%, that seems high? when I haul concrete I figure 50% so if I'm forming and pouring 4 yards and its a direct replacement for existing flat work, then I'm hauling 8 yards.

    3. a chipper is an option since it would be a rental :p anyone that can speak from experience?

    4. on past decks I have always just cut into skid sized or truck sized pieces and stacked but that leaves a lot of air space.

    the debate I'm having with myself is whether I try and figure it on volume (cans) or weight (dump by the pound) and just haul all day with my truck since this stuff is relatively light
  6. knox gsl

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    A chipper would work but you would be out the rental fee plus a lot of labor feeding it all day. I would say you would have 4-5 loads on your truck.
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  7. AEL

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    works well for me , with concrete it really depends on how you load the truck or box. One piece of curb or sidewalk or a slab placed the wrong way can make a huge difference.
  8. alldayrj

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    Yea i try and stack with the forks but weight then becomes a factor :( can't win lol

    labor is cheap and I don't know what a chipper rents for but lets say $500, thats less than 1 30 yarder up here so if it knocks one can off i break even. or I truck it and make less trips and win. need to check where I can dump those chips though...
  9. zak406

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    make sure the pool is aluminum. if it is steel it is not worth your ride to the dump....
  10. ksss

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    renting a larger mini ex to complete the job may be worth the cost. It would allow you to crumble the deck up more effeciently, as well as pack the container more tightly. 3000 sf of deck is a lot of material, how many containers directly relates to how small you make the pieces. Given the randomness of deck building I am not sure you will find a formula to fit that will get you any closer than just staring at it and estimating the number of containers. I would guess maybe 500 sf per 20 yard container? That of course is a WAG.

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