Deck Belt for 48" Great Dane Jr.---Length/ Dimension

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by g888642, Jun 1, 2001.

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    Does anyone have access to a book that would give me the number or dimensions (width and length) of the deck belt for a 48" Great Dane Jr. I was hoping to save a little money on it, if I could. I also wondered if anyone knows what spin on filter the Hydro uses. Would it be as crucial to keep a /Great Dane filter on it. It only has Great Dane stamped on it with a number on it. I was gonna go to a parts store and try to cross it but I doubt if they will have a cross. Odds are it will be a standard issue filter. I was just hoping someone here would have access to this info or look and see .....Thanks

    Thanks to everyone for a lot of good lurking over the past year or so....G
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    Next time you buy a new belt, you can take it to a parts store, recommend Napa or Big A, and have it measured to cross it to a Gates or another brand. Also if you take your filter in they should be be able to find a filter by comparing the thread size and pitch, and also gasket size. For hydraulics the norm is a 10 micron filter. Some machines use a 15 or 20 micron filter(larger particles can pass through), so 10 micron is better. Just make sure there is not a line of people, since you may be there awhile.
    The reason for Napa or Big A is that they are not strictly automotive, but carry supplies for the Ag Industry where large belts are used. They also have the books needed to cross these non-automotive belts. Another place to check if there is one in your area is Kaman Industrial; bearings, seals, belts, hoses, and etc. supplier.

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