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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by swingset, Jun 2, 2008.

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    I'm about due for another order for belts for my Ferris decks, both are quite pricey from Ferris and I've been looking around and I see a few good brands of aftermarket deck belts. What I wonder is tho my Ferris manual says on one of the decks it's 147.4 x 5/8", but in looking at the aftermarket ones they're in even length increments (147 & 148").

    I'm thinking that the extra .6" of using a 148" would be absorbed by the tensioner and that belt would work just fine, but I've never tried it and thought I'd ask if anyone has any knowledge of this before I go ordering a mess of belts. The savings is substantial, and the aftermarket ones are kevlar and guaranteed, so I see a big benefit if this works but I'm not sure how much tolerance there is on a blade belt that long.
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    You shouldn't have a problem. I did something similar a few days ago for a 1985 Bolens tractor. Bolens is no longer in business, of course, and since MTD has taken over the name, parts made for the my mower are no longer available. Trying to talk about it to the guy at my local Lowes that sells machines with the Bolens name was an exercise in futility, so I went to a NAPA auto parts store with the old belt. They had one that was 138" rather than 137" and it worked like a charm.
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    This is the part I dislike about being in business, is taking these chances to find parts that fit and do the job, but cheaper... Because I still have to spend the money to find out, some to most local shops will refund my money if I keep the receipt but it also involves another trip and sometimes it's just not worth it and I simply chalk up the loss to experience.

    The good news is once I do find them it tends to pay off, which, after it's all said and done what with the time spent doing research it doesn't hardly seem to pay off lol... But so long I do my homework I make but so many mistakes and it does help.

    Why do you guys think I like going to certain Salvage Stores? :p
    Once I learned what it is I'm always having to buy, that helped more.
    What supplies it is I am spending money on to the tune of $100+ a year was a start.
    Not long ago I found Safety Goggles, tinted, not bad looking and fit and feel decent, $2.69 each, I bought 20.
    In comparison the Uvex Genesis is like 10 bucks, the Patriot I think $9...

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