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    Can someone give me some pointers on what to do about deck build up on my 48" turf tracer hp walk behind I am using Notched High Lift Blades have used all sorts of deck spray nothing seems to work.Blades are always kept sharp but i am always pressure washing the underneath of my deck about once a week.Any help would greatly be appreciated!!
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    I just spoke with our rep that's out in your area to get a little bit of a 'weather check'. He stated that you guys had been extremely dry and now have gotten some real good that's what I'm going to base my advise on.

    Typically when you hear these conditions, that means that the crabgrass and clover are running rampant. These two plants hold water, I always compare cutting these plants to cutting water balloons. If you are cutting 'clean' grass, even it, after being stressed, will tend to hold water.

    There are a few things can help us reduce this build up. Blade style, Blade tip speed (BTS), ground speed and deck rake.

    Blade Style: You may look at going to a lower lift blade. This will decrease the discharge, but it should also decrease the deck build up. What happens with the higher lift blades is they impact the clippings so hard, that they turn them to mush and that just sticks to the top of the deck instead of flowing across and out.

    BTS: Just like with the blade style, the high BTS can also cause us to 'mush' the clippings. Throttle the machine down so the no load is about 3200 or so, this will slow the blades down enough that it to should help prevent severe deck build up.

    Ground Speed: As odd as it may sound, keep your ground speed up. Grass in helps force grass out. Going slower can cause the deck to 'over process' the clippings and lead to deck build up.

    Deck Rake: Good deck rake keeps the proper air flowing into the deck to help with the discharge. 48" decks should have about 1/8" of rake...meaning the rear blade tip should measure 1/8" higher off of the ground than the front blade tip.

    I hope this helps. If the rep was right on your conditions, it probably won't eliminate the build up, but it should help manage it.

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    What I have found mowing in some of these conditions it that there is no substitute for regular cleaning of the deck and mowing less leaf surface off when conditions are more lush.
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    Good advice Exmark !!!!!!!!!
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    Didn't I hear someone say once that presure washing under the deck wasn't a god idea because it can force water into the spindles somehow and ruin them. If I may tell of another sponser, try looking in the Fluid Film forum. Theres a post there on that subject.
    I hope I am not out of place saying that last part, sorry if I am.

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