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Discussion in 'Toro' started by Dpatt07, Apr 18, 2010.

  1. Dpatt07

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    I have a 2008 Toro z500 52" with the 7gage deck. I am looking into getting a power chute, but they only make them for the turbo force. My understanding is that it will fit on the 7 gage as long as the discharge opening and "vertical stiffner" that wraps the deck is the same understanding is that the deck are identical except the movable baffel and the bull nose on the question would be are the opening the same size? and do you think that it would fit? Any information would be great.
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    Dpatt07 -

    We are not familiar with “power chute”. Is this an aftermarket accessory? Structurally the 7-Gauge and TURBOFORCE have the same size opening. However, the adjustable baffle allows for infinite settings inside the discharge opening.

    - The Toro Company
  3. Dpatt07

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    Thanks for the response....don't worry about the power chute I was just wondering if the 7gauge deck has the same size opening as the turbo force and are all the brackets that hold the rubber chute on to the deck the same size as well?
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    Im trying to find out a similar situation but in my case on the Titan MX series decks.

    Yes... a power chute is an aftermarket accessory. But it has only been made and tested according to themaker for the Turboforce decks. He doesn't know if it fits other Toro deck types. However it may fit any of them if the chute opening and configurations are the same. In my case I want to know if the placement of the ears the OEM chute, and the opening is the same on the MX Fabricated decks as it is on the Turboforce decks.

    Op, what was your results? It sounds like it would fit your deck.

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