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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by recliner10, Nov 3, 2000.

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    i use a snapon gasket scraper,works great
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    I like using my Superbar.
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    On my 36" I just wash it off at the end of the day and just keep it spray painted with the cheap "no-rust" paint. I really don't have a deck scrape thing at all and I always mow in the rain in Seattle.Alot of clotting is from "dull blades"- grind 'em hard! Also, why not just put a 5 gallon bucket under the front of your mower to change blades?
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    Could you please elaborate on your statement? Did you meant the SFS deck? I'm looking at the Toro ZTR w/62"SFS deck due to constant wet cutting conditions here north of Seattle. I demo'ed the deck but it hasn't been as wet as normal here this year. Is there another deck in your experience worth looking at? I need a 62" for productivity. Thanks for sharing your experience.
  5. SFS is just just a new catch word. Back in the old days they called them wind tunnel design or something.

    The 62" in deck on a new Toro ZTR is the same exact deck that is on one of my 10 year old walkbehinds.

    I use mine mostly for athletic fields where I cut bluegrass down to 2" with single blades on a weekly basis with on visible clipplings left on the turf in one pass in high gear (5.2 mph).

    I don't cut in wet conditions (belt drives) but I have no problem with the deck clogging or having to scrap when the grass is wet from dew or a overnite rain. And let me tell you we had more rain in NE PA this spring and summer as did NW Wash. state.

    A new hydro traction unit to be used with my present 62" deck is on the shopping list for next spring. I have two 20 acre industrial sites I am measuring up this month for next spring. And I hope to pickup some new sports field work. But I will hold off on that purchase until March 15.

    Having the discharge chute clog due to mowing wet turf is unaccepatable and I would consider this to be a manufactures defect.
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    I don't understand, I'm in southern Indiana where bluegrass is king plus fescue a foot high. I run three dixie's and don't clean decks in the field. Under the decks are the magic mulchers (box with chains, keeps decks clean) and double blades. We will sometimes clean when changeing blades but only then. Also use a chain hoist to lift mowers
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    I don't have to clean the deck on my Toro SFS Deck. My Exmark and Bunton Walkbehinds all need scraping in the early spring as well as a Bunton Rider. I did try a product called Mow-eze. It is a petroleum based liquid that you spray onto the deck. They say it is good for 40 acres. I have had some success with it. Has any one else tried it?

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