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    is there any way to get the deck to stop putting out clumps in moist grass I have a 31 60 super z thanks shawn
  2. mowerconsultant

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    Depends on how moist.
    Checking on a few items will help reduce this also.
    Cut Quality Suggestions
    1. Blades sharp, straight, and balanced.
    2. Blade tips even with the next blade.
    3. Underside of deck clean and unrestricted.
    4. Proper tire pressure in all tires.
    5. Operator using mower at full throttle.
    6. Deck is level from side to side and the blade tips are
    a 1⁄4” higher in the back.
    7. Engine RPM’s set correctly.
    8. Deck drive belt tension set correctly.
    9. Electric clutch slipping
    10. Slow ground speed.
    A. Depending on type of grass mowed and how much is being
    cut off.
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    Not that I know of. Wait for the grass to dry is about your only option unless you own an exmark. I cannot for the life of me figure out how exmark gets that much airflow out of their deck. However I will say that in every other condition the XR7 is better.
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