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Discussion in 'Great Dane' started by pinnacle, Nov 21, 2003.

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    This is the second time my deck hanger has fallen off completly leading too scalping my clients lawn and the loss of an excellant account that was going to help me make repayments on the machine. It's the front right hanger. The one with the small metal key............Ya Know??

    My dealer told me he is going to have to modifiy the deck hanger so it stops falling off. He said he is going to have to put a small cup in there so it tightens up propley.
    Why would he have to modifiy the unit in any way,shape or form?? I mean when you build these machines they are supose to be right................Yeh?.........Or am I wrong, do you make these machines so somone can go out and spend $18,500 on it to have the deck hangers just fall of at the drop of a pin and scalp lawns and lose acounts and not be able to be tightened up proply and to have to have the thing modified so it works right?

    Seriel # : 457371

    MOD # : GDRZ 25 KHE

    Why is this happening??

    Was the unit made 5 mins before pack up time at the plant or somthing or was the guy that put together the HOC setup effected by drugs??

    Listen I realy don't want to sound like a PITA a#s but the Z I have got is not right. Don't you agree?? especialy if they are telling me that they are going to have to put somthing here and there that the unit didn't come with to make it right. These mods my dealer is talking about making just shouldn't have to be there. If mods have to be there they would have been made when this unit was built..............Correct??

    I find it hard to belive that someone at GD took my other complaint any further than a reply to my post. I really wonder if you guy care cause I'm in anouther contry?? I would talk to GD Australia but they don't make the units.......YOU do. I have lost two accounts now because somone is'nt doing their job correctly at the plant.

    To me it is obiouse there are issues here that need to be sorted by somone a GD and want you guys to know whats going on so mabey you could find the time to make a phone call or a fax or help me in some way. It's called "customer support" and I don't think it should matter what side of the world I'm on because if you guys came to the conclusion that you were at the stage where you could export GD products to anouther contry I would consider you would have the ability/want to back up your proucts on a global basis before you even entertained the idea of export.

    Please show me somthing here GD! I showed you the trust in buying one of your units and I would like to see some support now please.

    My dealer repaired the unit very eficiantly when I posted my other complaints. And when I spoke to him this morning he sounded like he was pissed at GD more than anything. He said " Ohh mate i'm sooo sorry this happening to you Alex but really this is an MFG issue and somone at GD was asleep when they made your HOC setup" How do you think this makes me fell?? especialy when I have to make repayments on the machine!
    I'm felling sick in the stomach at night thinking about this problem and the repayments. But what do you care if some guy in Australia is guna go down the toilet and lose all his stuff cause one of your mowers wasn't bulit right??................More than you let on previously I hope!

    Please show me some sort of support here.

    I like the mower..........Qaulity of cut is next to none down here, Love the opperator friendly control set up. Love the speed, Mulches great. And I would love to be able to say I love the reliability........But?? with 15 hours on the clock it's not looking good. And I'm also aware that this is quite posibly a one off problem. But a one off problem that should be rectified.

    I hope you care/help


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