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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by ronslawncare, Mar 24, 2003.

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    i have a 36 inch scag with a advantage deck. i had a customer call me today and ask me if i can raise the height .i have it set on the standard pitch that i bought it from. last y.i read 3 1/2 is a good height is that 3 1/2 for just the back or 3 1/2 for both front and back thankyou i would hate to loose a cust over this.
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    If thats the height range your going to be cutting at, make sure that your deck to engine bolts are in the highest postition (lowest of the 3 holes on the deck). Then with 3 under and one over on the front casters. Move your blade spindle spacers to adjust further.

    This should get you close. My SCAG doesn't like to cut too good above 3 1/4" and I think I would have a lot of problems cutting above 3 1/2". I like to keep my blades as low as possible under the deck (more spacers between spindle and blade).

    OR....just tell your customer that you can only go one notch higher and if he's home make sure you tinker out there and make it LOOK like your actually raising it! Its worked for me for all those ladys that want it cut LOWER!!! Its all in their head!
  3. ronslawncare

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    no this is a customer from last season .hes a good customer though im going to try to raise it to 3 1/2 i just want to no should i change the height in gthe front to the same in the back equal 3 1/2 inch cutting height
  4. ronslawncare

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    i always just changed the pitch of the blades i nvr did this b4 please someone help with a little more info
  5. TLS

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    Your posts are real hard to read without capitalization and all the short hand! :eek: I guess its you Long gilanders that type like you talk!!! lol

    Here goes.....

    Check to see what position your rear deck mount bolts are at (there are 4 of them) If there in the middle (factory setting) change them to the lowest of the 3 holes.

    This will give you the highest REAR adjustment that you can get. Now you have about 3 different heights by using your caster wheel spacers in different configurations. Fine tune by using different spindle to blade spacers.

    You ideally want the front blade tip to be 1/8" lower than the back blade tip. However you can get decent results with 0" pitch as well as 1/2" pitch.

    Good luck!
  6. ronslawncare

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    who knows, im tired also i dont give a **** about my gramar on the computer i have to worry about that at college this is my relaxing time ...or maybe im a long gilander lol . thanx for the help.
  7. ronslawncare

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    why was that bleep out you cant even say cr_p anymore dam .
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    Man, people that like it tall! You gotta love that! I know I sure do!

    When you raise that fixed deck, maybe you can get by with cutting the rest a little higher too.

    I cut all of mine as high as I can get by with up to a max of 4" currently.

    I plan to pick up new equipment that can go up to 5" soon. I was thinking the other day as I was measuring a very large property with no foot traffic. "Hey, I'll try 4 1/2" or 5" on this one if I get it just to see how it turns out."

    Bad part is one portion is cut around 1-1.5" while the rest appears to have been cut with a bushog. Guess I'd whack down the rear to 5" and ever so slightly even up the front each wek until it gets as high as it will get and look great.
  9. John Gamba

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    This Is a Good Reason To Get A Floating deck Next time.

    lazer&tracer resized.jpg
  10. ronslawncare

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    yeah i know i need a floating deck. :angry: this bl0ws

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