Deck is set to 4" cuts like 3" Whats your deck height on a Z453 Toro ?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by tportela, Jun 6, 2008.

  1. tportela

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    What is your deck height when completed lifted, I have a Z453. I set ot to cut at 4" however the grass height seems much lower. I ask because when I used my previous ride on w/ a mulch deck set at 4" it barely cut at all ?

    Id like to compare the height of my deck to yours when its in the raised position, by the way the dealer has the stock medium blades on the deck.

  2. Quality Cuts PLS

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    The numbers on mowers do not necessarily mean inches, it is just a number for reference. For actual height of cut you need to measure the area between the bottom of the blade and a flat surface and then reference the number on the mower.
  3. tportela

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    Ah, thanx for the explanation & reply. I got it & I will check it.

    So 4" deck height should give me 4" from the ground to the blades.

    Thnx QCP
  4. bohiaa

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    No, that's NOT always true,

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