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    wife helps with the mowing and even with seat adjust to her build she has trouble lifting out 60 and 66 inch decks (66 has added weight of stripper kit and baffle kit for skipper). exmark and others have a hand operated lift in addition to the pedal which would require a free had to use but is better than nothing. i adjusted the assist springs on both as tight a i thought i could safely do. i have been told there is a $600.00 hydraulic lift option. has anyone done this or have a better idea? Has anyone used the hyd. system to know how fast do they operate, is the manual pedal still usable, where is the control switch located, can it be used on the fly to float the deck while mowing?
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    There is a hydro lift option.
    The foot pedal is fully operational also.
    The switch, depending on your mower either mounts in the control panel or in a mounted box next to your left gas tank.
    It works pretty quickly also.
    Very nice set up and fairly easy to install.
    Yes it can be used on the fly.
    Here is a picture that shows it mounted and the switch box if you dont mount the switch in the control panel.


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