Deck Pics??

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I have a specific question for you regarding the deck...
The Gizmow deck does not run a discharge kicker/turbo baffle...
The little kicker most mowers have at the rear of the discharge mouth.
The Great Dane Chariot LX doesn't have one either but performs great.

However, if I remove mine on my Lesco, sometimes clippings will bridge across the rear of the opening. My opening has a taper like this / l. And the clippings catch at the top when the kicker is removed.

So what I'm getting at is that the Great Dane Gen II deck didn't do this and I'm wondering about rather the Gizmow does that?

Personally, I had a thought that lasted about 30 seconds before I cringed. That thought was, to do a little cutting and make that taper a bit steeper so the top of the opening is a bit wider and extends back more into the rear curve of the deck skirt, sorta as pictured here...

I was thinking maybe a little shaving there might solve the bridging...
I dunno.


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