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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by Mickhippy, Jun 29, 2014.

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    Every make, every model, and every deck is different.
    The settings that are perfect for one are probably unlike any other.
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    Level is the go, that way as you move forward the blade gets 2 swipes at a blade of grass, why would you restrict it to only one. Only time you would adjust is if the centre blade is cutting lower than the outside two ( 3 spindle deck ) in which case raise the front slightly, or if the rear two blades (outside ones) are cutting low raise the back. This of course is presuming your spindle bearings are all ok and your blades are undamaged.
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    Most manu's do NOT recommend a level deck pitch, though there are exceptions like mentioned above regarding Scag.

    You do not want the blade cutting anywhere other than the front half. When the entire blade is cutting at level, it is dragging on the grass in the back half which wastes fuel and causes premature engine crank bearing and spindle wear. It can and will, also cause an uneven cut appearance as the machine moves along over bumps and dips. Most decks stripe far better at a minimum of 1/4" of forwards pitch as well.
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    Its ok guys, Im not doing a reverse pitch. Im in a "discussion" elsewhere about it! I just wanted to know if anyone here actually chooses to do it, before I said to much more!
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    Yeah my old unit was re-pitched correctly to 1/8" forward and made a huge difference, new unit was set and ready when I bought it, they take every new unit and go over them at the Deere place to specs before they hit the floor.

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