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Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by joe stihl, May 25, 2004.

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    I've been trying to compare the differences between the stamped decks on the consumer ztrs and the fabricated decks on the commercial ones. Is there any difference in the quality of cut? Can it mulch better? Is the only difference the amount of abuse the deck can withstand?(ex. laborers running over curbs) If it is only me using it, can it last as long as a commercial deck?

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    In this thread, soilsample explains it well:

    His point about fabricated decks in general being deeper and allowing more vacuum will, yes, in general give a better quality of cut b/c the vacuum causes the grass to stand up so it can be cut better.

    And fabricated decks in general are stronger and more durable.

    That being said, some Kubota owners here have said that their Kubuta stamped decks are made of heavy-gauge steel and have held up as well, and cut as well as any fabricated deck.

    To me, the bottom line would be: don't let stamped or fabricated be your deciding factor.

    Here's another thread:
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    Fabricated decks are usually deeper and stronger,hence a better quality of cut because of more vacuum and more available space to discharge cuttings.
    Stamped decks in general are shallower and weaker.
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    Don't try to compare stamped decks from JD, Kubota, etc. with those of smaller/residential brands that can't invest the hundreds of thousands of dollars for equipment capable of stamping 7 gauge steel. Most stamped decks are better at mulching (some will also argue better discharging) due to their smooth curves and lack of welds and corners that promote clogging. A cheap stamped deck, of course, is more easily damaged if abused (and repairs will require more than any ol' local shop with a welder).
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    The John Deere has a seven gauge steel stamped deck. The Kubota ZD-21 that I have uses a nine-gauge stamped deck. It performs very well but is not as thick as the John Deere. Later Kubotas have a fabricated steel deck and I believe that it is seven gauge. The stamped steel 48-inch deck on our 30+ year old Gilson riding tractor still performs very well. I had a few small cracks welded a dozen or so years ago. Both of our mowers are used roughly and cut sticks, stones, and dirt along with the grass and weeds that grow in our woods.

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