Deck Rebuild & Patio Addition - Central VA

Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by bentleyvt, Jun 20, 2013.

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    Check out Robbins Landscaping, they may be able to help you with this. I'll link their website where you can get their contact info.
  2. bentleyvt

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    Thanks for the recommendation C&T...just by looking at some of their jobs and website, I think its safe to say...they are out of my price range!

    We met with our contractor to modify the patio plans a little bit to have a half-circle attached to the patio that would be on the yard side for the fire pit and surrounding sitting area. In that meeting he brought a Techo-Bloc booklet and was really pushing to use those.

    I've heard on these forums that Techo-Bloc is the 'Cadillac of pavers', but really haven't heard it compared to real stone. I understand that TB is probably preferred because its easier to install. Is TB just stamped concrete? How does it compare to real stone with regards to durability, fading, scratches (70 lbs dog), etc?

    In my area, the stone/paver vendor of choice for me is They have a wide selection of natural stone and the preferred stone for the fiance & I are variegated bluestone (pattern stone under Pete Rose) & some of the irregular flagstone.

    My concern is that this particular contractor seems to be pushing for pavers vs. natural stone, and I'm unsure if the installation would be up to par if its his first natural stone job....

    Thanks for any input!
  3. bentleyvt

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    Any help from the pro's on this one? Looking for pro's/con's related to Techo-Block vs. Natural Stone (Irregular flagstone or Variegated Bluestone).

  4. bentleyvt

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    A lot of views, but no bites yet. Any help from any pro's who have dealt with natural stone & Techo Bloc - what are the pro's/con's of each? Will TB stand the test of time like natural stone will? Will TB scratch easier than stone?


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