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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by mysteryman, Jun 3, 2010.

  1. mysteryman

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    picture this...the underside of your deck (after mowing) is clean except for a few 'corners'. Since these grassy corners were created by the airflow of the spinning blades is it really necessary to remove this grass? Think about it, the deck, we'll say, started out clean. After hours all that's under the deck is this small amount of grass in these 'corners'. The mowing process obviously accumulated this amount of debris but also limited it to this amount of debris. [I am talking about a Turbo Force deck (and many other commercial decks), I am NOT referring to a home-ownet 20" push mower that completely cakes up with grass on the entire underside of the deck] I would think that you still have proper aerodynamics as you just did hours of satisfactory mowing. What do you think? it necessary to remove these small accumulations of grass each time??
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  2. doubleedge

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    I scrape the mower decks every time I change the blades or as needed.
  3. HighGrass

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    I see your point...Kinda of like aerodynamic evolution of the deck.
  4. Ron's TLL

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    Why not experiment a little. Mark the areas where the grass builds. Prep the deck and BONDO in the area that normally fills with grass. See how it alters airflow and grass buildup. Could be you might just create a great flowing deck. If it doesn't work, a few minutes with a grinder will remove it all.
  5. BleedingGreen

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    I've yet to run a mower, 21" push mower to commercial decks that cut the same or better than a completely clean deck.
  6. mysteryman

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    BLEEDINGGREEN I am not doubting the value of a completely clean deck, but I cannot say that I notice a difference between the beginning of a mowing session (with a completely clean deck) and the middle or end of the same mowing session hours later (with these slight accumulations). I am talking about 'normal' mowing, not really thick, really wet conditions. If the underside of the deck has these aerodynamically-placed accumulations during the last three-quarters of a mowing session, why can't they be there at the beginning of the next mowing session? Wouldn't the quality of cut be the same? [sure, I imagine that after they dry out they could break-off and discharge during the next session]

    DOUBLEEDGE I would certainly clean the deck when I changed/sharpened the blades, I am talking about not having to get under the deck for mere scraping

    RON'S TLL I wonder if following your example the deck would be completely clean after mowing? It sounds like an interesting experiment.
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