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Deck Vibration & Louder hydros

Discussion in 'eXmark' started by SamIV, Oct 20, 2003.

  1. SamIV

    SamIV LawnSite Senior Member
    Messages: 324

    I own a model LHP4418KC - serial number 222333. Brought unit in because one of my pulleys was extremely loud. Had all pulleys replaced as well as spindle bearings replaced. About a week later the deck started to vibrate real bad. Enough to vibrate the dicharge shoot to fall off. Had it checked out again, dealer suggested the spindle shafts be replaced. Did this, but the deck still vibrates, not as much though. Also had the tention spring on the drive belt replaced with a different spring. Now the hydros are real noisy at start up, but once warmed up quiet down. You suggested to me in a previous post I might need to change the idler pulley for the drive belt as I have gone through 5 drive belts in only 700 hours. Dealer says the idler pulley is fine. Real hard to pump grease in it even with no belt tention.

    What else can I do to the deck to stop the vibration. Blades are also checked for balance. Can the idler pulley be the cause of this as the belts come off the same saft. Mechanic says the bushing on the idler pulley is loose but he did no change this. The sound that the deck emits varies. The sound will go up in pitch and then go down in pitch. Couple of mornings last week it did not vibrate at all. Most of the time there is this vibration there that was not there before all the deck work.

    Sam Wilson
  2. eXmark

    eXmark Manufacturer / Sponsor
    Messages: 4,258


    This can be a tough one to diagnose via e-mail or telephone.

    What you want to look at is anything that is turning that is connected to the deck. That means the engine, all the pulleys, blades and spindles as well as the belt.

    If you have a pulley that is bent you can get a vibration. Something as simple as a small amount of mud in one of the pulleys can cause some very noticeable vibrations. A belt with a high or low spot in the "V" or on the back side. The change in pitch is the vibration cycle as it passes through all of the components. Often you can see this cycle as it passes through the belt in the form of belt shake.

    Not to argue with your dealer but if the grease zerk is not taking grease as freely as you think it should then go with your instincts. A belt can also "chatter" as it slips which can show up as a vibration as well. The deck and pump belts can slip if the idler is not functioning properly because the pivot is not getting grease. Even if the bushing has been checked it couldn't hurt to check it again. There has got to be a reason why you've gone through so many belts and it may be the cause of the vibration as well.

    E-mail me at terry.eckert@exmark.com with the name of your dealer and I'll give them a call to see if we can determine what's going on.



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