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    I read recently in one of the posts about a deck washer that could be bought from Hoobers and installed on the deck of a mower. It requires a 13/16" hole to be drilled for it to be installed. I have been looking at pieces and parts in a McMaster-Carr catalog and I think I can do the same thing and have to drill only a 1/2" hole. My question is: Do you do the washing process with the blades running wide open or is this a gradual ramp up process to full speed? Is there any danger of damaging the blades or spindles? I was by my dealer the other day and I thought I saw some type of water hose connection in the deck of one of the Kobotas sitting on display. Is anyone familiar with this and have you ever used or installed one?
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    My white tractors have the deck wash and we have no problems with it.You can buy the parts which I believe is under 10 bucks. Write to us we will help you out. You can run it at full speed with no problems.
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    I generally run my super mini at wide open for 5 minutes then shut the water off an run the blades with no water for 5 minutes to make sure no water will sit on the spindles. This will actually prolong the life of your blades because they won't have any grass build up on then. I use the deck wash after every time I mow.

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