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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by LBOperator, Jul 18, 2013.

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    Guys I am looking at some good use ZTR riders and I currently have a 48" and it mows a pretty big swath and does a fairly good job. I am considering a larger deck but I don't think it would benefit me that much. On a lot of my yards anything over a 48" would be too wide for a lot of spots. What I am getting at is do any of you run 48" ZTR's on 1+ acre yards and find that they are plenty? I am thinking I want to stay with a 48" but go to a rider I think I could cut my time close to in half from my hydro WB.
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    I used a 48 and a 52, honestly I didn't know any difference in time to mow. All my yards I do that my 52 won't fit through the gate, the yard is small enough that my 21" walker works just fine, although I do wish I had a 36" walker or stander. One of my yards I have is so small anyway that if I use my 52, it mows half of the neighbors yard on both sides... So I have to use my 21 on it. The yard is 84" on the west and in a couple parts just 21", and 96 on the East; town house type houses.

    On my big lots, there are so many obstacles that a bigger deck wouldn't help at all, in fact it would probably just make things worse, meaning I would just have to use the trimmer a lot more. Unless you have a wide open field I wouldn't go bigger than a 60" for really anything. 42-52 are the sweet spots for me.

    All in all though I do want a 60.
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    Get a 60", keep your wb.

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