Decks and Powerwashing.....?

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by Brothers-One, Apr 5, 2006.

  1. Brothers-One

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    Does anyone know if I need a "cleaner" type fluid to clean decks with a powerwasher? or will soap and water do the trick? I have a small deck that needs to be cleaned and dont know what kind of cleaner to use. I hope I dont need a "special license" to do this job.Thanks
  2. Brothers-One

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    Never mind I looked it up !! LoL.
  3. tinman

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    See if you have a Sunbrite close to you. They ship even if they are not near you. Home Depot also carries some deck cleaners. I use soap & bleach usually. But last time I used a new cleaner & it worked pretty good. Called "Big E".

    Be careful not to tear up the wood with pressure. Wood is a hard thing to deal with IMHO.
  4. Brothers-One

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    Thanks,Tinman. I picked up some Wolmans Deck brightener w/Oxalic acid.I have never used this before. Its not to late. I dont start this job till Monday.I can get something "better" if I need too.Anyone have any other Ideas? Thanks.
  5. bdoss123

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    Bleach + Lamsoil (or something of that nature, it thickens up the mixture so when you do your first application w/ the cleaning solution it sticks better) for the spray application. Then come back with water through the pressure tip and start slowly so you don't tear up the wood, like the other poster said.

    - BD

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