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Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by jawns, Aug 9, 2008.

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    I am a site superintendent for a builder in a maintenance-provided subdivision. Part of my job is responding to homeowner complaints about irrigation. We have a Toro 2-wire/decoder system with a TDC controller and 111 zones that is malfunctioning. So far it has stumped our installer and his supplier. They are both very busy and can devote little time to troubleshooting the system. Meanwhile, I'm on site every day and the homeowners are driving me crazy and it makes my company look bad. I've had a hard time finding information about troubleshooting this type of system. Is anyone familiar with this type of system or know any sources on info besides the Toro site? Thanks
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    If Boots doesn't have an answer, no one does. :rolleyes:
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    I don't have an answer, but wanted to say Welcome :)
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    Please describe what is malfunctioning on the system.
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    Get on the phone and talk to the manufacturer.
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    Damn, I could have come up with that one...
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    go to the local priest or chaplin.
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    Check the blinker fluid.
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    Some zones don't water and some zones don't shut off. There is no consistency to the problems except they usually occur on the same wire path. They've swapped solenoids, decoders, and installed an above ground replacement for the communication wire(partial). The controller's firmware was updated 1 month ago. We have called the manufacturer, but we're only getting 2 hours of site time per week and, did I mention, the homeowners are driving me insane. (I don't blame them--if I spent $1million for a house and $300/month for maintenance, I'd be calling someone every day and jawing).
    I'm just looking for info so that maybe I can steer the guys toward the source of the problem. Our system began life as a beta version and has had problems from the beginning, but most have eventually been diagnosed and solved. The current issue has everyone frustrated and scratching their heads and wanting to go home. Meanwhile, I start every day up to my elbow in frog water in flooded valve boxes, turning and tapping solenoids, telling the homeowner that the techs are coming on Thursday.

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    I feel for you. Two wire is new stuff and the expertise is still being developed. London Rain is the one I'd refer you to if you called me. The word TORO in your first post gives me the willies. TORO hasn't been too hot lately with product development. The premier two wire company I've been told is TUCOR. Try getting a TUCOR rep involved and see if they can't help you out and win some positive press.

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