Decorative curbing installation

Lawn Cruiser

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Logan UT
Does anyone install the decorative cement curbing as part of their business? I was looking into doing this and am curious if anyone else is doing it.


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North of Seattle
Good question. I'm also interested in this. If anyone can point to a supplier of the implement or machine used to do this I'd appreciate it. Thanks. Will M.


Gulf Shores, AL
I saw various models of the decorative curb machines at Expo 2000. The Canadian model was electric powered and I didn’t care for that one. The one that got my interest was something like the Lil’ Bubba and was from a company in Florida. All were easy to use and worked as directed. One of the machines laid curbing that allowed you to install lights (similar to the floor lights on a commercial airliner). One thing nice about Expo, was the price was $1,500.00 less at the show.