Dedicated Edger Complications?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Valk, Mar 27, 2009.

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    I've considered buying a dedicated edger...but I only have a coupla properties that might benefit as I am satisifed with using my RedMax string trimmer to perform all my edging. Unfortunately, these properties have similar issues which I'll describe below.

    I'll call this a gravity problem: these lawns are on a slope & are irrigated...and the land seems to be creeping onto the sidewalk and/or curb as the property sits higher above the sidewalks/street-curbing. I can achieve an edge over time by string trimming...but come Spring I'm right back to having to spend alot of time string-trimming the edge.

    To complicate this scenario, these yards have small plastic sprinkler heads that are adjacent to the sidewalk/curbing. I'm afraid that an edger would really mess up these heads as there's little to no space between them and the concrete. My string trimmer has never damaged these heads. What would you all do?
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    Some people like red and some like blue. Everbody has their own feelings about this subject but I will always have a stick edger. Yes if the irragation heads are too close to the edges you can cut them so be careful are have them moved. I have had several people around me say they can use a trimmer as good and fast as I can use a stick edger, but I prove them all wrong. I do have places that I use my trimmer with edgit sometimes but most places I always use the edger. I honestly think if you get a edger you will use it alot more than you think you will. Try to see if your dealer will let you demo one.
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    The more you cut into that edge the more problems will occur when the water turns on. Just trim it and save your money. You simply take the trimmer and go horizontal into the edge to get dirt off the sidewalk then make your edge.

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