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  1. CK82

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    I am trying to figure out what expenses can be taken as tax deductions, I have an accountant do my income tax and such but she hasnt been very helpful on to what exactly I can take deductions on. For instance is taking a client (friend) to play golf, or eating out for lunch during the day able to be taken as a deduction. Things like that I guess I am looking for some information on. Thanks
  2. Thirdpete

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    if its a business related expense then its deductible. if its not then its not. but get an accountant that can tell you that. theres rules for gifts and stuff.
  3. 1MajorTom

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    find yourself a better accountant, that will answer all your questions, and will look out for your best interest. afterall, you are paying her.
  4. CK82

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    Yeah that probably is a good idea, I am currently a one man opertation, well for the most part I didnt think I needed more of an accountant than I had.

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