Deep Root Feeding

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by LawnTamer, Mar 31, 2008.

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    I tend to agree with you, but on my Sandy soil, slow release granules don't leach as fast. The rhizophere is that top 12 and in some case 18 inches of top soil where even the mighty oak tree has 90% of it's roots.
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    Is there anything that can be done with oak wilt. My father in law has a huge tree in his back yard and it is killing over.
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    Oak wilt is generally caused by a fungus. The big problem comes in the expense of a systemic fungicide cost verses effect.
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    I've been root feeding woody ornamentals since 1979 (ChemScape). "Deep root" is inaccurate cuz most feeder roots are fairly shallow. I laugh when I see homeowners putting a Ross root feeder down 2 or 3 feet below the surface:laugh:. Two - six inches deep is enough depending upon what you're feeding. We use "ChemLances". Fert depends upon the plants or soil type. Micronutrients are needed in many instances. We run about 400 psi on average. We use a D-25 hydracell pump (tanker truck) or a D-50 Hypro pump (pickup truck). We price jobs off the original "ChemScape" manual (ChemScape was North America's largest tree/shrub service, and I still have an original manual) We use N,P,K plus up to 8 micros (synthetic-organic). "Agro-Culture" is a good source for the micro's. Westheffer sells ChemLances -- featuring a J-D9 gun.
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    I notice that nobody is talking about pricing...
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    Depends on how I feel and if the customer is nice or not:dizzy:
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    Ah yes. Chemscape. Part of the Chemlawn services Corp back when they actually stood for something. Techs had college degrees, had many people in support staff that were experts in their field. We made Jack VanFossen a lot of $. I can still do the chemlance grid in my sleep!
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    can you mix mychorrazae w/ merit with out killing off some spores?
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    First off, I LOVE your photo. Unless I'm mistaken, that looks like a homeowner-dropspreader-special to me. I actually stop and take pictures of these when I see them. They never cease to amuse me...

    Second, I don't have any proof of my theory, but I can't see how Merit would hinder the myco at all. Merit isn't a toxin except to specific insects... can't see how it would adversely affect dormant fungi...
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    Comments appear after your text in bold.

    I did offer these services years ago. Still a licensed Arborist but now I just sell the supplies. As a result though, I take a lot of Arborists out to try new materials, consult, etc. The results we've been getting from the PHC 27-9-9 are nothing short of amazing.

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