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Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by mobileboy, Mar 13, 2008.

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    Hello all, I'm installing a 9x10 patio for a friend and had a question regarding the foundation. I live waaayyyy down in Mobile, Alabama and was wondering if any of you have any experience laying patio foundations in regions that have no freeze-thaw cycle. Our coldest month of the year is Jan, and average temps are 60/40! Is it necessary to lay a 2" sand foundation or can you use a ' skim coat' to simply level the ground in preparation for the pavers (12x12 or 16x16)? It is a very hard yard to access and I'd like to use the minimum foundation possible and still produce a professional result. We have VERY dense clay soils down here if that helps. Thanks!
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    you need to excavate, u need at least a 6in base before you use any type of sand. we use CA 6 here in Illinois.
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    No, dense "clay" soils do not help. Clay sucks no matter the climate

    NCMA= min 6" ASTM2940 graded aggregate compacted to 95% proctor density and smooth within 3/8" pver 10'

    Check and down load Tek sheets on retaining wall design and construction
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    Thanks guys. I didn't mean to imply thatclay was 'good', only that the info may help the reply. Sorry for the confusion.

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