Deep-Tine Aerification

Discussion in 'Sports Field Management' started by foreplease, Oct 23, 2008.

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    We have used deep tine areation on a few fields and it has worked well for us. We recently had a football practice field that had some drainage/compaction issues, so for it we went with the drill and fill process. It is a very slow process, but very effective.

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    Dear Foreplease,
    I was impressed with the amt of time and research placed into your decision. I was hoping that you could supply me with the contact information of the business that performed the demonstration. I would greatly appreciate the information.
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    Thanks MAJORBROWN88. I used Davey Golf Course Maintenance in Auburn, MI. I just looked at their web site which lists a Kent, OH office you might find more convenient. I now understand there is another good company closer to me, but Davey went out of their way to help me out initially and I have no reason to change. Quite the opposite, I hope I can come up with enough work to keep them interested in working with me.

    TMarch: we paid a lot less than 1 1/2 cents/square foot. The hole spacing was 6" x 7". Everybody's budgets are off this year but we're going to try to core deep on the soil fields and probably continue deep tining on sand.

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    Care to give me the name of the other company as well? I would really appreciate it.

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    Dear Green World brothers and sisters,
    I am trying to locate all deep tine aerating businesses throughout OH, KY, and IN. I would appreciate any business contact information. For the record, I am trying to drum up some tine business. I will gladly send anyone a Toro hat for their assistance. Thanks
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    The other company is Turf Services of Spring Lake, MI. Although I have never met or spoken with them, someone I think very highly of has told me great things about them. There is good information on their web site.

    It was kind of a crazy accident that my path and Davey Golf's crossed when they did. That said, they were so prompt and accommodating that I have not felt any reason to contact anyone else. It's not as if I have an occasion to provide this service every week or even every month. Trying to do some every season.

    If the Davey demo had not happened as it did, I probably would have contacted Turf Services and been quite happy with them.

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