deeproot feeding now or after frost

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    I'm in zone 5 whats your thought on deeproot feeding before or after frost?
    i never gave it much thought but i had a landscape wholesale place recommend doing feeding after frost ?? does it matter?? I'm feeding with a 20-20-20 . i do a app in the spring and 1 in the fall ,man does my customers love these feeding .i get great feed back let me know what ya think
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    I would guess the reason they told you that was to make sure the plant was shutting down and so you would not encourage new growth. Thats my only thoughts on this. BUT, most people including myself have been doing deep root feeds for a while now.

    Are you doing injections with water soluable 20-20-20 or is it granular with applying it in holes you are making?

    If it is soluable, what rate are you mixing this at per 100 gal and what volume per injection ie. 1/2 gal, 1/4 gal etc.

    Just wondering as I tried arborgreen and my tank would not mix it. I switched to the green flo. I do have soluable 20-20-20 with minors that says can be used for deep root and I would like to use up but no instructions on mixing for deep root.

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    I inject it. I use w/s SHAWS 20-20-20 .I get it from cincy wholesale supply in northern Kentucky . BUT THEY HAVE 2 LOCATIONS IN CINCY I have a 100 gall tank .the mixing instructions are on there label but i always run a hot load to speed things up a bit !!its a great product and turns the water in the tank a nice deep blue so customers see it
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    Fall Is the best time to deep root feed trees and shrubs, spring 2nd best time.
    In the fall you should use a low N products like Doggett 12-24-24 and Plant
    Health Care for trees 11-22-22. A safe choice for fall root feeding,either before or after frost.
    20-20-20 Soluable..........use it in the spring at 10 pounds of product(2Lbs actual NPK) per 100 gallons injected per 1000 sq. ft. +/- 1 gallon per injection on 3 foot centers. If you have some sensitive shrubs that need less fert you can give them 1/2 gallon per injection site with the same formula on 3 foot centers to apply 1 pound of NPK per 1000 sq. ft.

    Pete D.

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    ok i will check into that.what about junipers and acid loving plants like azaleas and rhododendrons will they benefit from these feedings as well??
  6. heritage

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    Totallawn of Ky,
    Yes they too will benefit. Use the 1 pound N rate/1000 Sq.Ft. For the azaleas and rhododendron.....these plants require less fert and their root systems are sensative to salt in fert.

    Pete D

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