Deer Repellant Late Application

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by PaproskiLandscaping, Jan 25, 2008.

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    A customer I just picked up had about 50 Arborvitae (Thuja) planted last summer. He has since fired the guy who put them in and has contacted me with some concern about deer damage. The previous guy never treated them with deer repellent or with an anti-desiccant in November (one of the many reasons he got the ax), as is common practice in CT.

    My question is has anyone ever applied deer repellent during the winter (obviously on a day where the temp is 40 degrees and above)? How much success have you had? Does anyone believe that treating them now would be harmful? Also they were never treated with an anti-desiccant and they are located in an area very susceptible to winter burn. I am going to make sure they get watered every 40+ day so hopefully this should reduce the burn. So has anyone sprayed an anti-desiccant this late? Any success?

    I have always been on top of my sprays and got them done before the freezing temps. If a spray right now is not advisable I am going to have to put up a high deer fence (somehow through the frost) and invest in an electronic repeller. Thank you in advance for sharing your experiences!
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    i have a new .270 if you buy the plane ticket...:drinkup:
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    Why would you ever want to come up here to 20 degree temperatures? wish I was in Florida right now...
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    yeah and if the customer would pay for it I would just charge him hourly to sit on his roof with my 12ga. Especially because this is his lake house and he isn't there during the winter. Speaking of venison I am off to a game dinner tonight...

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