Deer repellant

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    So what's everybody using for deer repellant? Had mixed results with Winter Armor. Bobex is great, but doesn't last.
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    Think about the various barking dog alarms. Motion detecting.

    Any nerdy computer geek could rewire one to add coyote howls, tiger snarls and elephant trumpets. Charge the customer more for the "Deluxe Intensity" version. Hippo snorts? Alligator bellows? Rent or sell.
    Are there any nearby neighbors?
    Do you prefer a few seconds of "Jurassic Park"? A few snake-rattles? Caribou? Elk? Moose calls? Grizzly growls?
    Add motion sensing sprinklers. Add this to motion-detecting lights, of course. We have solar-powered led lights at my house.
    And the ultrasonic "silent" ( to our ears) version.
    Be sure to tie cowbells and jingle bells to potential affected bushes. Hang bells or noise makers hanging from black strings in likely deer travel areas. Lots of wind chimes, too.

    Is it possible to visit each site in person once per night and charge the customer $10 per visit? Once a week with three dogs--$40 per visit? It is likely they would mark the territory if the trip was about 30 minutes or more. Suppose you applied dog manure granules with a spreader or some type of liquid dog product with a back pack sprayer? Talk with a local shelter.
    Of course, you want a continuing source of revenue coming in, so a method that requires monthly payments is better for your business. You need to check the batteries, right?
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    My wife use to work on the vet teams at a zoo as a surgery tech. She'd bring home Lion poop. Deer will come nowhere close to that stuff.
  6. RDALawns

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    I prefer this method Screenshot_20171115-140751.png
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    We used panther poop back in the day. Also strung fishing line, supposed to scare them, they cant see it.

    We kept the deer out, but it was the humans that got our crop every year. :(
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  8. ETM

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  9. ted putnam

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    I was gonna say, I have a Ruger Gunsite Scout in 308 caliber that sends a clear message pretty

    Nice Buck!
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