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I do mostly lawn maintanance and lawn intals/renavations,one of my customers that I'm doing a renavation for wants me to do a small planting too, but deer are a problem at this site. I was wondering what plants deer dislike the most, I know there arn't many. The area is sun and shade and I'm in northern New Jersey. Thanks for any advice.


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morristown, nj
Hey,<br>Im up in N. jersey and these are some that are safe bets:<p>Barberry (crimson pygmy, rosy glow)<br>boxwood (most types)<br>spireas (for the most part)<br>ornamental spruces (globe, blue atlas, colorado)<br>ornamental grasses<br>junipers are pretty safe, except for uprights<br>andromada (pieris japonica)<br>inkberry holley<br>burning bush<br>viburnum<p><br>ONES THAT ARE TOAST:<p>Arborvitae--never plant, will be eaten in a day without protection<br>Hues(taxus)--again, will be eaten to ground<br>upright junipers<br>rhododendron (will eat all the buds)<br>mums (eat the flowers in the fall, especially the yellow ones)<br>tulips<br>red twig dogwood (conus alba) <br>Holleys, except inkberry<br>White pines <p>Basically, if the deer are hungry, they will eat anything, but this should be a good start. Being next to the house in a foundation planting gives a little protection, but not much. If you guarantee your plants, guarantee them for everything but deer damage and lack of water. Never say any plant is deer proof, I've seen them nibble on barberry before, so tell them these are plants that deer are likely not to eat.<br>


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I'm in the same boat as little green guy, deer are very destructive here. I was aware of Steveair's suggestions, alberta spruce seems to work too. Does anyone know of any flowering shrubs for zone 5 that might survive the deer?
I found a book at Books A Million that basically described all the plants that deer tend to shy away from. Certain shrub roses did well but they were ones with a strong scent and the larger the thorn the better. I also get a catalog from a nursery that tests deer resistance but I can't recall the name of it. You might try a web search on the subject.


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They love Hosta. A customer of mine lost 15 in one night to a couple of does and a fawn. Must have looked like a buffet.


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Originally posted by Promo Lawn Services
lesco sells something that is sprayed to keep deer away i got some for a customer a few years ago and she said it was working
I've used it with some success, it is called HINDER. Also heard of placing used soap around plants.