Deere 329D CTL pulls more than 100,000 LBS

Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by Boss Exc., Feb 21, 2010.

  1. Boss Exc.

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  2. treemover

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    I would like to see the video of them getting it going. That is a lot harder. Still, almost hard to believe......
  3. jefftb

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  4. Bleed Green

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    Ya I have seen those videos on youtube. I think that Greg Zupanicic is putting those vids out there. He would prolly be able to answer any questions about the process that they are taking in the vids if that is who's youtube page it really is. I hope that they put some more videos out, but what I really want to see is some of the D-series machines moving some dirt.
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  5. P.Services

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    I've seen a guy pull a loaded tri axle dump truck with his ***** so that deere should be able to do that easy!!!! Really I saw it on tv.
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  6. Bleed Green

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    Come on that sounds somewhat far-fetched, but I don't want to see proof so I will choose to believe you on this one.
  7. Fieldman12

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    This brings up a good discussion for you guys. What things have you pulled out with your skid loaders? I have pulled out a full sized chevy van and a Buick car both stuck in the home owners driveways on snow. I was hired to come in and clean the driveways out. My tractors where back home and did not want to turn around to go get one of them.
  8. Tigerotor77W

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    When things are rolling (rather than sliding), there's simply not that much friction. I don't think this is all that impressive, frankly. It's just novel because no one else has done it.

    In short, it's marketing.
  9. wanabe

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    I just feel bad for the guy who ends up buying that CTL. Thats alot of pressure on the final drives. And lets see the whole video on it. I bet the the tractor driver "started" the movement. It alot easier to pull anything after its rolling.
  10. DeereMan85

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    The CTL initiated the movement: no help from the tractor. They used this at the D-Series intro for a fun demonstration. Let's not overanalyze it.

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