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Deere 667a S/N 80,0xx ~ 700 hours. Kanzakai DUP10s pump Parker TF195 wheel motors. Seemed to have great power from the hydros before flush. (I mow some short but STEEP hills regularly)

Seems to track OK, function alright in forward direction, both sticks. (haven't put it on my hills yet though to be honest) In reverse, the left seems slower, or weaker by maybe ~ 1/3 of travel. It (kind of - not 100% sure about this) seems like when I first jam the sticks back, it's closer to even, then the machine starts to swing around to the left ~.5 - 2 seconds later.

Just bought 30 hours ago. (I think it was working fine before, but now I wonder if I just hadn't noticed and this has been going on all along???) Finally getting to changing the hydro fluid this weekend. Followed OM (Drain, new filter, fill W/ ~8Q synthetic 15w40. Bleed, top up 'till full) only possible exception was when I was bleeding, I guess I didn't read well enough, it says to start, and raise to full RPM, then move sticks (tires on ground) I didn't do this. The initial "bleeding" was done at ~1/2 throttle, maybe a little less - Oooop!

As I was bleeding, I did notice some jerking / power less, maybe mostly on the left side, but I think both sides. Honestly, didn't think too much of this as, well, I was bleeding - Figured it would work itself out. It did in the forward direction.

Now - Like I said the machine seems slower only in the reverse direction on the left side. It's smooth, just doesn't track with the rigth stick in reverse, like it does forward.

This AM, I went out and retried the bleeding procedure. Opened the bypass valves, and moved the sticks around, closed by pass valves. No apparent change. jacked up the back end, tried some slow and quick full forward through full reverse strokes at fast idle, no apparent change.

The 2 sides sound a bit different under load, and they are definitely not silent, but neither sounds "bad" to my ear. I mean these things aren't supposed to be silent right?

Does anyone have any ideas for me? Really hope this thing isn't cooked.

TekJohn, you around? Any one else have any ideas or input for me? What should I be looking at next, anything else I can try?

Thanks for your help!

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