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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Ronlawn, Aug 12, 2007.

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    There is a 38” JD crank deck WB on Ebay just now and I asked the seller if it is a dual belt or a dual hydro, as there are no belts visible going to the wheels.
    And he said it was a 5 speed shift on the go. Is this Deere’s substitute for the peerless 5 speed transmission? Other than the shallower stamped deck issue, most of the opinions here said they weren’t bad mowers for their day so I’m assuming they were somehow dual drive zero turn? Were there gear and hydro versions of this mower?

    And do those decks ride (and rise up and down) on the back anti scalp wheel rather than the frame? I can’t make sense of how the deck is suspended? I guess I’ll have to wait till one is for sale near me and go look at it.

    For someone wanting easier height adjustment than even the 4 pins on a typical floating deck walk behind is this older mower worth considering?
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    I used to have a 48'' like that, not a bad machine.

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