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Deere Green Fleet

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LawnSite Member
Ft Worth Texas
Anyone else have more details?

Anyone have a true green fleet?...mowers/trimmer/edgers/blowers?

With the JD/Lesco merger this presents a one stop shop for ALL
Maintenance needs. Our company will have $35K to $50K dedicated
to yearly maint. projects and equipment...so the potential benefit
could outweigh the initial investment in a green fleet.


LawnSite Senior Member
Va Beach,Va
I wish i lived closer to a deere dealer I would use that program in a heart beat. When I worked on a large horse farm doing maintance the owner bought all JD equipment and used that green fleet program and they always treated him well.


LawnSite Senior Member
Warrington, PA.
I was quoted $8,200 from a dealer in Silverdale, PA and $8,000 from Dealer in Zieglerville for a 757. Both prices were just over the phone without haggling not Green Fleet.
So you should go back and ask were your additional 8% off.