deere issues and deere reps?

Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by treemover, Feb 15, 2013.

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    I am happy with my Alpha CTL. Its not perfect but other than a wire rubbing issue in one of the control handles, mine has been flawless and a real pleasure to run through the first year. Its not perfect but my personal issues that I have are not anything that I can't deal with.
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    Every customer has a right to contact their factory rep, and your dealer has an obligation to tell you how to contact a representative for Deere.

    If the dealer drags their feet, you can usually find an area on their corporate website that will allow you to send in your complaint. Good luck.
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    First thing you should try and do is verify that in fact your fuel system was vandalized. How do they (dealership) know that roundup was in your fuel tank? Did they send the fuel sample out to be tested? If so, did you get a copy of the report on the fuel sample?

    What model Deere is it? A D series or earlier? 2005 to 2009 was a mechanical fuel injection system, 2010 D series are electronic fuel injection system. Not that I can tell you anything other then that.

    There are two fuel filters on these machines, a primary in line element just on top of the fuel tank and a water separator fuel filter towards the upper back of the engine. The primary first filter is 99.9% of our fuel issues. It's doing it's job collecting trash but it clogs fairly fast with crappy fuel and starves the machine out of fuel making the operator think the unit is running out of fuel.

    The D series machines will have a message prompt on the dash telling the operator the engine is running at X % derating and dropping. If an air filter or fuel filter start to get clogged and the computer senses this, it will prompt the operator the unit is not running at max proficiency.

    My suggestion is to take it to another dealership if you think you're getting jerked around for a different opinion to see what is going on. Demand all service records from your dealership. You can call a Deere rep to help get involved with the issues to try and help as well.

    Keep this in mind though, They are not going to buy your machine back. First they will get to the bottom of your problem if possible. If it was vandalism, they will fix the unit but they will charge you for that repair. If it's the machines fault, then you'll have to take that up with your dealership and Deere rep. Some of that depends on if it's out of warranty and how long ago etc etc. I can not tell you what they will do or not do as I really have no idea and don't really understand whats wrong with your unit.

    If you have sabotage happening then you very well may have other equipment at risk as well, including your loner unit.

    All I can tell you is do your homework first before pointing the blame.

    Good Luck
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    Machine is a 2012 329d 600hrs, the second time it quit I was running it, 5 hours straight, never derated or felt low on power until I felt a miss in the engine, then in about 5 minutes it quit running. I am on my 4 loaner machine and have 14 other diesels and none of those machines have had problems. I have checked fuel in 7 of the machines, open drain at bottom of tank and filled up quart jar and let it sit over night. All of them looked fine. The sample the dealer showed me in a quart jar they had probably had 1/8 cup of water/roundup.

    I just find it odd, that a new machine has same failure in less than 7 hours. and the fact no one knows what caused the first failure. Just seems odd.

    I emailed deere today and got a response back in about 10 minutes,surprised me. Sent him all the info he wanted this evening. It will be interesting to see what happens
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    What is really odd is how would he know its round up? Why is he calling it round up? I really think the dealer screwed up the first repair and jd isn't covering the screw up. So he is trying to get you/insurance to cover it.

    Why a fuel sample now but not the first repair?

    From dealer to failure where had it been and for how long? This let's us know if oppurnity was there or for how long. Its been asked a couple times but not answered.
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    I had in the original post, I had machine 4 days and ran for 7 hours. It was stored at my shop overnight and on job sites during the day. While I cant say with 100% certainty nothing happend, I find it very very odd. They are saying roundup because of phosphate levels, but everything I have found and read says roundup mixed with diesel, forms a type of glue and will plug injectors.

    I have been very happy with deere so far, first email was answered in 5 mins, the email I sent out last night was answered first thing this morning. They said the area manger would be in contact within 7 days. Very impressed...see how it goes
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    Not really sure if what they are telling you is true. Diesel fuel is used as a carrier in the application of Glysophate in some applications. Glysophate also has only one atom of phosphurus and would have very little amount of phosphate. So at current mixing rates, 1/8 cup would have so little phosphate it would be almost undetectable and the glysophate will dissolve in diesel so you get my point. I have not actuually mixed it with diesel so I have no idea for sure what it will do but it will only take a second for you too find out. Just mix diesel and glysophate together in diesel and see.
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    Did you send your email in through the corporate website to get this response?
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    If it was at the shop inside? Outside?

    When mixing round up with water you mix it 3% round up rest is water. Not very much was in there. Really doubt they know what was in it.
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    Hope this all works out for you. Sucks to have trouble, no matter what the circumstances. I think it's important to consider with any fuel system related issues these days, that we're dealing with the poorest fuel quality/stability ever, and that the systems burning it are running at the tightest tolerances ever seen. I'm sure the OEM's are getting pounded with claims the past few years and that it's really hard to sort out which are legitimate component / product failures, and which are brought on by poor fuel and conditions out of their control. My $.02, be as patient as you can be, and bear with your dealer/Deere as long as things appear to be moving forward in trying to figure out your situation.

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