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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by humble1, Jul 8, 2008.

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    Shame on you John deere landscapes and lesco. You know we are in a buisness where we quote the job for the year.

    I just cant believe that the prices jumped almost 9-10 bucks a bag on my allectus purchase week to week oh yeah same pile of pallets. You are a company that has tens of thousands of bags piled high across america. Keep in mind these bags have been manufactured previously at cost X and delivered, drive the price up and sell it to me at a significant increase is all profit and corporate greed. You blame it on oil and the price of urea prices out of china. WTF are you doing as a company doing buisness with a communist country. Yup making corporate profits higher, you are killing this country one day at a time.

    They have us by the balls and know it, take lawn care out of the picture we need fert for food production and China knows it.:usflag:why not put chinas flag above old glory, yeah you know you would John Deere for profits. Id die for that flag, you sell it for money.:nono:
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    You have other options.

    Crap (chicken, worm, human) made in America.:usflag:

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    I'm not trying to start any type of argument here but please tell me you really don't believe this is just Jdl having these significant increases, I have been in contact with UAP, Synatek, Agriliance, Harrels, fisher&son. Andre&son and many more and it is across the board, And many of these companies are even higher, some are lower but not by much, but I guess in times of panic it's very easy to blame the bigger companies rather than looking at whats going on with raw materials, I'm not saying it's easy dealing with these increases after you have already bid out for the year like you said but blaming one company won't help you get through these times.
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    Yeah. When I mow, it's easy to adjust prices. Spraying? Most of my customers prepay. And very few would understand a price hike in the middle of the season... I'm just being eaten alive, waiting for fall when I can send out a plea to my customers to understand my price jack-up...

    I've decided that all I can do right now is peddle my add-on sprays (foundation, tree, wasp, etc) to try to compensate...
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    How many times are we going to have this same conversation around here??


    Prices are going up everywhere, not just JDL, and it all started well before the fert season. Everyone knew the market was going to be volatile, so if guys didn't either raise prices enough to cover a potential cost increase, or buy ahead to protect themselves the next best thing is to point fingers??
  7. whoopassonthebluegrass

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    That smiley is probably the coolest one I've ever seen. I'm laughing out loud for real! :laugh:
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    That is AWESOME!

    Beating the ol' dead horse! :laugh:

    Sometimes that is all that gets done around here!
  9. whoopassonthebluegrass

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    We beat the dead horse, and always will, b/c misery loves company.
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    Humble your ignorance of this industry just showed its finest in your last post. Educate yourself on the changes in this industry instead of blaming others. The green industry is changing quicker than you can cut your lawn and companies like UAP, Agrform & JDL are not the ones trying to put you out of business. Think about buying in volume instead of picking a pallet from week too week. Jesus this gets old listening to some of you complain like the uniformed poor business men you are.

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