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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by iowapride, Mar 7, 2004.

  1. iowapride

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    Just landed a big assisted living and nursing home account and am looking for a different mower. I currently run John Deere 455 AWS's with 60" decks on my residential and am looking to trade one in for a Exmark. I looked on there web site but wanted suggestions from current owners. I'm looking for a zero turn model between 48-52" deck. There is a lot of sidewalks and patios so I was wondering which is better, rear discharge or mulching kit, I'm looking for a mower with great striping capabilities and is good on hills, 20-30% slopes. My current 455's do not stripe very well and the 60" deck is too big for residentials. It seems like I am always trying to level decks on them. My nearest Exmark dealer is 12 miles away. Any suggestions would be great! Thanks
  2. bayfish

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    Hustler Z is a good ZTR. I have a 60" and find it good for almost every yard or property I have. But they do come with smaller decks. I would stay away from rear discharge. They don't have the ability to spread the clippings and will clump. I use the QwikChute on mine. It works great keeping clippings out of beds although there is a little more blowout than with a mulch kit, but not that much. The convienience of it is worth every penny, just being able to drive along and open or close it as needed. Since I've had the Qwikchute, there is no need for a mulch kit.
    The Hustler Z is the first ZTR I've owned. Previously used Toro frontmounts ansd walkbehinds. Try to demo as many brands as you can, but definitely try the Hustler.
  3. Runner

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    Go with a 60". You said it was a "big" place,...this tells it. You are only going to buy it once. For a little more, you get much more deck. I have the EFI model, and absolutely LOVE it. Talk about power. The throttle response is incredible, and it runs top notch - all the time. If you went with a LC (liquid cooled), you would be doing well, too. They are nice and quiet, too.
  4. iowapride

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    The reason I want to go with the smaller deck is because there is a lot of smaller areas to mow and courtyards. I have 3 other 60" mowers for the bigger areas. This new mower will also be used on my smaller residentials too.
  5. Runner

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    Oh, well, with 3 other 60's, I guess this changes things, doesn't it? LOL:rolleyes:
  6. John Gamba

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    Lazer Hp 52"---------------------------------
  7. Jusmowin

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    Like John said. I love my Exmark and I am still a JD TRACTOR fan.

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