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Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by flairland, Dec 4, 2010.

  1. flairland

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    Wondering if any of you have any experience with these 110tlbs. I usually never even think twice about these machines, but I saw one the other day and its got me thinking. I am a sole owner operator and to just have to take one machine to a site would be nice. I have a Deere 27C and an RC30 right now, and would consider replacing both with a 110. From what I can see, the backhoe has fairly similar capacity to my mini ex, but the loader has much more lift capacity than my little 30. My main concern would be digging along side a house for wet basement repair. Ive never operated a backhoe, but it seems like it would be a tough dig not being able to offset the boom. I'd get a 110 with a factory cab so I could put a snowblower on it in the winter, it obviously can run 3 pth attachments, plus has a skidsteer universal mount. To me it seems like a very versatile machine, just not sure how efficient it is. Also, do they have the stick controls or joystick? And I hope they'd have changeable pattern controls cause I'm pretty stuck on Cat controls.

  2. Ozz

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    Backhoes (especially wobble sticks) are extremely easy to operate, and not much different that excavators. Offsetting the boom shouldn't be and issue, at leat in my experience, but I was on a backhoe before excavator, so I was used to working around it's faults.

    And if you are used to, in any way, to a loader tractor, these little TLBs are no issue to run.

    Now, to a broader audience, and to stir up Stu's comments on backhoes, TLBs are a useful asset. While they won't replace an SSL/CTL, or Excavator, with a decent operator, it can accomplish 90-95% of what these tow machines do at a lower cost, and with one machine.
  3. ksss

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    I see they finally put a cab on those units. If your used to digging with a mini ex using any backhoe is like being handicapped. You cant rotate the boom out of the way to so your work like you can with a mini, you cant spin 360 to place material, but having a loader and excavator on the same platform has its advantages which is why BH's will forever have a place. I think these little BH would be handy for those jobs where you need to dig a little and move some material, all can be done without bringing two machines with you. These units seem pretty popular so they must be pretty durable but I dont know anyone first hand that has one.
  4. hvy 1ton

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    Digging along foundation isn't terrible as long as you have room. You back the tractor in at an angle and then you can dig parallel. Takes lots of room and maneuvering, but it can be done. Renting a 35 every once in a while for the tight jobs wouldn't be terrible. If you want to be able to take 1 machine to 90% of your jobs the 110 will be great.
  5. stuvecorp

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    Never saw a 110 with a cab before. I can see the reasons behind it but I don't think the 110 will be doing the projects that your 30 excels at. You may gain more versatility but give up performance. We looked at one years ago but the dealer was crazy on the price and have never come across one at a 'buy me' price. Try one out once to see if it would work?
  6. flairland

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    Hm, all your responses are more positive than I figured. When I think about it, I think this machine could handle close to 90 percent of my work quite efficiently. However, I really think I'd miss my excavator - don't know if I could do without it. I think I'd prefer to wait and save up a little more cash and eventually trade the rc30 for one of these. In the meantime I think its better to stick with what I have than trade for the 110. I'm really looking forward to getting one of these, I think it'll be one sweet machine. I'm actually surprised I dont see more of these around.
  7. zabmasonry

    zabmasonry LawnSite Senior Member
    from C. VT
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    I'm sure that the 110 could 90% of what you ask it to, but how long will it take. I guarantee that your 27 could probably dig at close to twice the rate of the 110, with a better fit and finish. In wide open spaces the 110 would probably move material faster then the RC30, but i think you will notice the increased size very quickly.

    Could the 110 have about the same cost of production as the two smaller machines? Sure, but I think that you have a lot of flexibility in your current setup. I say that this is more of a question of your long term goals, and where you see your business going, then which setup is better.

    So . . . where do I see TLB's being useful? I think that they are great for municipalities, farms, and other settings where projects are limited in size, and transport is a big issue. Also I think that they are better when they don't have a lot of moving to do, as, in my experience, anything with tires makes mud if you try to drive over it too many times.

  8. J. Peterson Grading

    J. Peterson Grading LawnSite Senior Member
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    Thats a Sims Cab on that 110. Deere doesn't make a factory cab for these units.

    Another thing thats kinda nice about these units it the Hoe can be removed and its got a pto and a 3 point thats an option for these units. So if you wanted to have a skip loader you could.

    That being said, even with the plus' that this machine has, its nothing like what you have now. Even though its small, its still going to be clunky in a tight back yard, its going to be top heavy, so running on a side hill is out of the question. Even though it can run most skid type attatchments, its still not going to run them all that well. Its not a grading machine.

  9. Gravel Rat

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    Never seen a Deere Backhoe that small before, a backhoe is a swiss army knife of a machine it really isn't the best at anything but it can do most of anything. Doesn't matter what size the backhoe is it takes years of time behind the controls to be good at it.

    Watch a long time backhoe operator use a rubber tired hoe anything can be done. A backhoe replacing a mini excavator is completely opposite to what is happening out west, very rare to see rubber tired backhoes used.

    If you never operated a backhoe before it might be a very frustrating experience when your used to a mini excavator or a small skid steer.
  10. bobcatexc

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    I think the TB110 would be taking a step backwards from what you have now. You have to nice machines great for doing small grade work. I've ran large backhoes for years and they are nice for certain task and getting around a jobsite, but they are no grading machine, I will take a skid and excavator any day and work circles around a backhoe in tight areas. Like everyone said after digging with a excavator you will hate using a backhoe. If your worried about moving equipment get you a bigger trailer to move them at the same time be a lot cheaper than buying a new backhoe.

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