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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Flyerwillmow4u, Mar 13, 2007.

  1. Flyerwillmow4u

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    I have a small company here in my home city and i have a John Deere 717 Z Trac. I have a chance to by a bagger for it (the one made for it from Deere) at a considerable savings to a brand new bagger. I was wondering if anyone else has one and how they like it. I know alot of people hate to have to stop mowing to empty the bags, but i am OK with that. It makes the cut clean when you bag it. I used the mower all last season and didn't bag all of it but i did bag some with a different mower at the end of the job and it looked good. Any feed back? Thanks!

  2. LawnMower

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    I know a lot of guys around here have John Deeres with the baggers and they love them. I see more John Deere popping up then other brands.
  3. Roger

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    I have a JD 717A with a 19hp Kaw. Most likely, your machine is equipped with the same engine.

    I don't know your mowing conditions or your terrain. After having used mine part of one season, I would probably pass on a spindle-driven bagger. For my conditions, especially the terrain, the 19hp doesn't leave much power for driving a bagger. If I had a chance to try one without charge, I certainly would do so. However, I am very reluctant to consider buying one, only to learn that it would have marginal use.

    Since you have experience with your machine, you know best if you think your mower/engine combination will support a spindle-driven bagger.
  4. sicnj

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    i just bought a used bagging system for my JD 737 plastic housing, 2 bags 7 bushell . I have not used it yet. paid $300
  5. padrefargo

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    I just bought a grass catcher for my 2006 JD 717A. My mower has the 7-Iron II deck, and this catcher is made specifically for it.

    I bought it from Accelerator Industries (well, I actually had to buy it from one of their resellers). I haven't used it yet, but the construction, design and concept of this catcher make me believe that it is going to be something special. The basic concept is that it allows air to flow easily through the catcher and doesn't require hooking onto the mower's pully system. It is made from Aluminum, and mine appears very sturdy. It also looks very easy to put on and take off. I am going to remove my mulching kit for this catcher. The only pitfall I can see is that I will not be able to easily switch from catching to mulching and vice versa. However, since I am a residential user and not an LCO I have only myself to make happy.

    Here's a link...

    I bought the XL.
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    I have to agree I had one a traded it. I Love the JD mowers but that one is not as powerful and did bog with the bagger. Although if you have the mower and can get the bagger cheep.... Try it. you may be OK with the performance. I have a 777 and 757 and it didnt come close.

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