Deere's Breningmeyer issues statement on Lesco acquisition

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by Ric, Jul 3, 2007.

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    Deere's Breningmeyer issues statement on Lesco acquisition

    Gregg Breningmeyer, director of marketing & sales for John Deere Golf & Turf One Source has issued a statement regarding the company's acquisition of Lesco and what that acquisition will mean to the golf course industry.

    John Deere formally completed its acquisition of Lesco after receiving regulatory and shareholder approval in May 2007. Breningmeyer said that while John Deere Landscapes will officially house the former Lesco business, John Deere Golf & Turf One Source is looking forward to employing Lesco’s competencies in the golf and turf industry as well. The agronomic expertise provided by the merger will allow Deere to continue building a seamless, comprehensive product and service offering for its customers.

    Breningmeyer said, "To make the most of this merger, we went back to our customers for additional feedback and to understand what they believed was missing in current industry-wide offerings. Armed with this research, we are making adjustments within the One Source program to meet our customers’ wants and needs."

    Changes that will take effect in the new fiscal year beginning November 1, 2007 include:

    Lesco agronomic products, as well as some current One Source partner products, will be available through the One Source program
    John Deere One Source distributors will carry both equipment and irrigation heads and controllers and provide finance options for those products as well
    Former Lesco employees will complement that offering as the agronomic arm of One Source – with a focus on seed, fertilizer and chemicals
    Stores on Wheels will continue to provide exclusive golf offerings
    In addition to Stores on Wheels, customers will also be able to purchase golf and turf agronomic products through John Deere Landscapes gold branches (formerly Lesco service centers)
    Lesco’s headquarters operations and activities will be moved to the John Deere Landscapes headquarters in Alpharetta, Ga., but the company plans to keep an office in Cleveland, Ohio
    During this transition and well into the future, we will employ customer feedback to make the One Source offering the best possible choice for golf course superintendents, owners, builders and management companies," Breningmeyer said. "We look forward to providing our customers with the products, service and relationships they desire – all backed by the 170-year history and expertise of John Deere."

    DUSTYCEDAR LawnSite Fanatic
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    its all warm and fuzzy
  3. americanlawn

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    Thanks Ric. Looks like my LESCO guys will still have jobs. I just hope John Deere will not raise my chemical costs too much. Nothing against Deere (been a member of their credit union since 1985, and we have several JD units), but I know how expensive parts & repair is with John Deere. So far, we have received great prices/quality on LESCO products for many years, so I am concerned. The article seems to concentrate on the "goff" course industry instead of lawn/tree care.....this concerns me too???
  4. carcrz

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    As long as Lesco's prices don't go any higher than they are now, I'll continue to use them. It would disappoint me if I they raised them even higher.
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    Breningmeyer mentioned golf--but not lawn care.

    "Focus on seed, fertilizer and chemicals". He doesn't mention Lesco equipment.

    He doesn't mention improved customer service, better training or hiring any new agronomists.

    DUSTYCEDAR LawnSite Fanatic
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    time will tell if its gonna work for us or against us i am hopping for the first but expect the latter
    who knows
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    What a lovely commute for the soon to be relocated Cleveland folks to enjoy.
  8. lifetree

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    All these comments reflect the fact that JD likely will not pay as much attention to the lawn care sector !!
  9. Ric

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    His comments were published in a golf course industry magazine which I C&P here. Therefore it was directed at Golf Course Supers. BTW they have more money to spend per thousand and more surface area, so they will be a target market.
  10. unit28

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    After selling chemlawn their JD mowers I'm guessing the Lesco equipment will be diminished, or disintegrated by 3 years.

    your milage may very.

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