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    Has any one ever used this product. Its thiram based product which is a fungicide that is used to keep deer from eating your woody ornamentals alll winter long would like some incite
    Charles cue
  2. boats47

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    I would not waste your time with those products, Deer will be Deer. If the winter is bad enough to wear they are coming up to active houses for food, no spray will deter them. The only thing I have seen to work is putting cages around the trees and shrubs. We have probally one worst deer problems in NE (Jamestown, RI) and we have sprayed everything under the sun and cages are the most effective. Your better off bringing your(a) dog to the property and have piss all over the place.
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    Boats, Not being a smarta$$ but did you ever try this product? The deer are very tame in my area and I will try this product. Most people don't want the cage look but I did have success with wrapping yews with black plastic fence. The place that sells the stuff is in Conn. and has great results. Thanks Matt
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    Never tried it myself--but may I also suggest "Bitrex" --supposed to be the bitterest substance ever discovered. Wash your hands before lunch.

    Also consider the motion detector sprinkler--and in winter the motion detectors connected to various flashing lights, and noise makers--wolf snarls, coyote howls, pitbull fights. Sound of a hunter clicking off the safety.
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    Bitrex based products (Treegard) have to be eaten to work. hence the Deer can cause a fair amount of damage while they're being "trained".

    We sell pallets of Thiram fungicide which folks mix with Transfilm or (better) Vaporgard to hold it on. For really hardcore deer problems we recommend also adding Miller's Hot Sauce to the cocktail.

    I have yet to see a product that was made from Thiram that worked any better or cost less than just starting with Thiram in the first place.

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    I have had some luck with Deer Off, it's made by woodstream in Lititz Pa. also available at Lesco in 1 gallons and 2.5. smells like rotten eggs and Deer have a real problem with this scent.
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    I tried Deer Off on a clients property in an area where deer are as abundant as cats and dogs, it crazy the amount of deer on this island. Too bad you can’t hunt there; you could fill your tags in an hour. Anyways, because of the serious lack of food and competition of dwindling food supply, the Deer Off in this case, probably never stood a chance. So, I based what I said in the first post on that case and the fact that as an avid big game hunter I have a pretty good idea on behavior habits and what they are willing to do for food. It’s the old case of supply and demand, case in point, Bear Grills drinking water from a pile of bear cockadoodie.

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    Thanks guys
    I was just asking got a card in the mail and was just wondering about this product.Never can tell when some thing good will show up.Personally i got the best thing on earth to keep deer out a black lab that will just chase them out of her territory works great.
    Charles Cue
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