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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by MOWING FARMER, Apr 24, 2003.


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    I have read some opinions in the past from some of you guys knocking down the flexdeck and what it can do. I am here to make a few comments about the flexdeck. I'm going off my personal experience of my two flexdecks I have on my 455's. I started out with a flexdeck on a two wheel steer and 2 years later bought a 455 all wheel steer and instantly installed a flexdeck on it.:blob3: I was informed that you would be able to stick a pencil in the ground and you would either mow completely around it or knock the pencil over. I did both. When mowing ditches the appearance is better with the flexdeck than without. By the way for you guys thinking it will leave a strip when it is in flex position you are sadly mistaken. The flexdeck is mounted at the front corner of the main deck and there is thing called overlap of the blades which prevents stripping! Inside corners, outside corners headstones, culverts , street signs,,,,, I could go on and on but these are just some of the obstacles that there is little or no trimming to be done after the flexdeck. Until some of you guys have tried the flexdeck or even watched the video don't knock something that you don't know about. I am not one to brag, just more or less telling it how it is! :D If anyone else has comments on their flexdeck's I would like to hear about it. And if anybody wants to knock down a flexdeck that hasn't used one go ahead and post it cause I will probably hear about it anyway. Thanks for reading this! And have a safe mowing season.
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    u know what i think. i think u just want to sell some flex decks. people come here to see how products are and hear what people say. If the product really works it will sell.

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    Incase you didn't figure it out, I am not a dealer. I am the owner of 2 flexdecks that does contract mowing.
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    everyone is entitled to there opinion why do u feel u must defend it just say its a great product and be done
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    Lawnsite, as has been mentioned multiple times before, is turning into a stomping ground for those of you with pent up frustration to come and bash any little thing that comes along. There has been tension about Brad's posting in times past, so you guys automatically attack somebody who has something positive to say from HANDS ON experience. Have you ever used a Flex-Deck? I strongly doubt it.

    So...In conclusion of my own personal rant: If you have nothing nice to say, dont say it at all. Furthermore, if you havent used a product, you're in no position to slam it. Lastly, in the words of a great coach I once had: "Quit your b!itching!" :angry:
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    Has anyone bothered to notice that the "satisfied customers" who start threads praising Flex Decks are usually new members who have just signed up?

    I think it's quite a coincidence that the guy who sells them drops his sponsorship one month and suddenly all these unsolicited testimonials from "new members" start showing up. Kinda funny.

    I thought the Flex deck was a pretty good idea, though a little rough around the edges and way too troublesome and expensive to justify for the type of use I'd need it for. ($1500, welding, cutting, precise aligning required by mechanics who've never done it before! I think my dealer would laugh at me if I showed up with this thing asking for them to cut and weld on my unit)
    Besides, the turf I mow would tear like crazy if I started trying to spin the extra weight of side decks around in turns. But for wide areas on the right kind of turf, knock yourselves out. I personally would just apply the cash towards buying the right size mowers for my needs. Trying to make one mower do everything might lead to....jack of all trades, master of none.

    But the company seems way too underfunded and undeveloped in the support/dealer network area for me to ever invest in. This was a good idea that needed a larger company to make good. Instead, I predict it will wither on the vine in its current form. If it were a bolt-on custom made product, I could do w/o the dealer network, but no way am I going to order a $1500 part from someone in another state, deal with complex installation, and hope it turns out well.

    That's why I would again suggest Mr. Flex deck manufacture custom fitted models specifically for each brand and deck, maybe just the best sellers, instead of making a "one size fits all" design or two.
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    You pretty much summed up my thoughts.

    Good Idea for "some", but more of a hinderance for most of my uses. Not to mention that I consider my 27hp 60" machine "underpowered" as it is. Add another 20+" of cut to power properly??? :eek:

    And, has anyone mowed consierable amounts of lawn with the FLEX deck in the RETRACTED position (folded up)? I had problems with my DC deck teetering without anything hanging off the trim side.... But with this monstrosity hanging off the edge of the deck..... :confused:

    Biting my lip......:rolleyes:

    Don't get me started.

    Good Luck Brad.

    Next you'll be pushing candy to the kids so they'll have more cavities!!
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    Bruce And Tls Summed It Up For Me!
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    If I post something positive about a Flex-deck can I get one for $10?
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    Glad this is working out so well for you MOWING FARMER. How about posting some pictures for us to see them in action?


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